Irina Karamanos: The wife of the president of Chile talks about Greece

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H Irina Karamanos is the young man’s companion President of Chile, Gabriel Boric, who took over the reins of the country a few days ago. THE Boric is 35 years old and the youngest president in its history Chile. His Greek partner spoke to him on Friday (24/12) at ERT3 for her plans as the “first lady” of the country and revealed her relationship with Hellas.

Specifically, she talked about the birthplace of her grandparents, Wave, said she learned to speak Greek 10 years ago, said she planned to visit her relatives in Euboea and of course he also talked about the life relationship with him Gabriel Boric.

She herself has studied Anthropology and Communication Sciences in Germany, speaks four languages ​​(Spanish, Greek, English and German) and is a member of the party to which her partner belongs, the Social convergence, in which he leads Feminist Front. Her father, George Karamanos, led his Greek community Santiago in the 1980s.

Speaking to ERT3 “The aim of the new government is equality, social justice and human rights. “Our challenge is to change the constitution, we need a feminist conception of politics,” she said. “First Lady” must play an active role in politics and diplomacy. “

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