Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper: is it still love?

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What between Bradley Cooper e Irina Shayk relations had returned to excellent after the stormy separation of 2019 it was known: both responsible parents had decided to put aside personal grudges for the sake of little Lea De Seine, 4, of whom they have joint custody. But the walk in New York during which they were surprised by Daily Mail seems to tell another story. And it gives hope for one reconciliation that goes beyond simple friendship between ex.

Where they came from or where they went is not known, but what is certain is that Irina’s arm was under Bradley’s, that they were chatting amiably, and that he – who unlike her did not wear a mask – smiled happily. Of course, it’s not the three clues that make a test, but if we consider that the little girl wasn’t with them, like all the other times they were photographed together, and that Irina is officially single after the brief liaison with Kanye West in the first few months of this year, the doubt – or hope, for fans of the couple – is legitimate.

After all, the real reasons that led the supermodel and the star of A star is born to break up, three years ago, after four years of relationship. At the time, there were rumors of an alleged betrayal of Cooper with Lady Gaga, right on the set of the film that earned the Oscar the star of House of Gucci, but sources closest to Irina did speak of betrayal – and not just one – but not with Signora Germanotta. Other rumors also blamed the breakup solely on Cooper, another man “Narcissus, egocentric and mammon”, in which the poor supermodel had run into after being saved by another serial traitor, Cristiano Ronaldo, who for five years – in Irina’s words – had “always made her feel ugly”.

As it is, as it is not, in that moment of crisis between the two beautiful ones the dishes flew, but then calm was found again, relations were civilized again, and they had always seen each other – they said – only as excellent parents. “When he’s with Lea, Bradley is a 100% father», The supermodel had just recently reiterated in an interview, who a few months ago had also allowed a small” foray “of the child on her Instagram profile (the first ever) with a photo taken by her father. In short, nothing is certain, neither in one sense nor in the other. But the stars are used to make people dream. Even dreaming that love, the real one, never ends.

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