Irina Shayk talks about her daughter Lea, Brad and “co-parenting” (which she hates)

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Irina Shayk e Bradley Cooper, parents of the little girl Lea de Seine, born on March 21, 2017, they said goodbye, after four years of love, in June 2019. Since then, none of those directly involved has said a word about the breakup. It was never known why the relationship came to an end. Nonetheless, of course, the gossip was unleashed: hypothesizing first an alleged affair between him and Lady Gaga, then a scenario in which Irina, deeply hurt by Brad, sought revenge.

True? False? The time to discover the truth has not yet come. The Russian supermodel, interviewed by She Usa, has just made it known that he intends to keep the details of the end of their story for himself: “My relationships belong to me. They are private. A piece of my inner self that I don’t want to give away“. What the gossip says does not touch her: «I am too busy raising a daughter. If they want to write articles they do their job. I focus on my life and my friends. ” The rest, for her, “is just noise.”

Of Bradley, however, he speaks of a “great dad“. A sign that relations between exes, net of the tabloid speculations, would be good. At least because they have a daughter in common. Though the expression co-parenting (shared parenting), so fashionable, Irina just doesn’t like it: «I never understood it. When I am with my daughter Lea, I am her one hundred percent mother. And when she’s with her dad, he’s one hundred percent her dad».

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