In the city of Shelekhovo, Irkutsk Region, a local electrician installed mining equipment in the attic of an ordinary educational institution.

The mining farm was discovered by employees of a local energy sales company. The energy workers wondered why the school’s energy consumption had suddenly doubled. During the inspection of metering devices, specialists heard the characteristic noise of the equipment above the ceiling of the educational institution and called the police department.

The police arrived quickly, explaining that the mining equipment had repeatedly caused fires in the past. ASIC miners stood in the server school and under the roof of the building. More than 25 cryptocurrency mining devices were seized, and the organizers of the farm made special boxes and wooden racks to accommodate the miners.

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In addition to the school electrician, an acquaintance of his IT specialist participated in organizing an underground mining farm. Now power engineers are establishing the amount of damage caused by the mining of cryptocurrencies. And law enforcement agencies are preparing to evaluate the actions of the miners.

Recently, the Moscow city court ordered a resident of the capital to pay 870,000 rubles to Irkutsk power engineers. The woman was engaged in underground mining in the village of Ust-Ordynsky. In four months in 2021, the household consumed 530 thousand kWh.