Irkutsk Region is ready to provide sites for mining

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The Governor of the Irkutsk Region Igor Kobzev expressed his readiness to provide sites for industrial mining. It is reported by “Interfax”.

He noted that miners create an additional load on the power grid, which leads to power outages in the suburbs, where cryptocurrency mining farms are concentrated.

In this regard, he proposes to equate mining with entrepreneurial activity and set higher electricity tariffs.

Kobzev clarified that miners need to negotiate with a network company to connect farms via a dedicated line. The Governor is ready to provide separate sites for such activities:

“For example, in Ust-Ilimsk. But this must be done in a civilized way, so that there are separate lines, without taking into account the networks of settlements. “

In October, Kobzev turned to Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak with a proposal to legislate mining as a type of entrepreneurial activity.

He said that because of the “underground” miners who consume electricity at the rates for the population during the extraction of cryptocurrency, problems with electricity may arise in the Irkutsk region. According to Kobzev, many miners have relocated to the region after a wave of bans from China.

According to the Financial Times, the Russian Federation received applications for the placement of more than 1.8 million devices after the ban on bitcoin mining in the PRC.

The media reported that several ministries supported the initiative to regulate mining as a type of entrepreneurial activity.

The State Duma announced the preparation of a draft law on the regulation of cryptocurrency mining and the creation of an appropriate working group. She should start working soon.

Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Anton Gorelkin proposed making the Irkutsk region a pilot for the withdrawal of miners from the “gray zone”.

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