Is it true that the Kardashians – Jenner will not attend the Met Gala?

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This year the Met Gala could lose some of its most illustrious protagonists: le Kardashian-Jenner. According to what he reports Page Six, in compiling the guest list, none of the members of the most famous family in the United States would have been included. A somewhat unusual choice if we think that, in 2022, for the first time, we saw all 5 sisters parade together with their mother Kris Jenner and some of her respective spouses (there was also Pete Davidson: How distant those times seem!). The definitive revenge of the Kardashian – Jenner clan after years in which, as Kim has repeatedly said, they were considered unwelcome guests. But how true is this rumor?

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None of the organizers of the Met has leaked nothing about it, so for some it’s just a gossip meant to create some hype around the Kardashian family who, lately, lives a light popularity crisis. For other experts, it is unlikely that any invitations were delivered to Calabasas. If you remember, last year Khloè denied all the rumors about her not attending the event, explaining that he had never done it before due to his anxiety problems and demonstrating how all the theories about it were totally unfounded .

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We might not see them, then, but the reason might be simpler and less complicated than expected: do they have other commitments or don’t want to handle all the load of stress and anxiety that generates being there. And for someone – read aloud Kim Kardashian it could be difficult to re-propose an outfit capable of competing with that of the last edition. After wearing one of the most iconic dresses in history – that of Happy Birthday Mr President Of Marilyn Monroe – what else will ever measure up?

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