Islamic Warba Bank Announces Entering the Metaverse Market

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A Kuwaiti corporation, in order to promote its virtual services to teenagers and millennials, has launched two projects in the Sandbox and Decentraland metaverses.

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Based in the Middle East and North Africa, Warba Bank announced that it intends to bring its products and services to virtual reality to further its reputation as a leader in digital transformation. Anwar Badawi Al-Ghaith, Executive Vice President of Support Services and Treasury at Warba Bank, commented on the importance of this move:

“Warba Bank is committed to being close to its customers in virtual reality to promote its products and services, and to communicate and interact while protecting Warba Bank’s reputation as a digital transformation pioneer.”

Al-Ghait emphasized that Warba Bank aims to be a trendsetter in the world of augmented reality, helping young consumers in the Bloom group, as well as the rest of the market. Warba Bank has been included in the Register of Islamic Banks of the Central Bank of Kuwait for more than ten years.

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In June, Meta and more than 30 other major metaverse content companies created the Forum for Global Strategy Development for the Virtual World.

Source: Bits

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