Island – environment for launching applications 5.5.1

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Island – an isolated environment for running applications that allows you to protect your privacy. Island will help you not only hide your data from the app, but freeze it if you don’t want the app to hang in the background.

Island uses the managed profile feature introduced in Android 5.0 as part of the Android for Work platform. Managed profile allows you to create something like a controlled application execution environment, which will determine which applications can run in this environment and what smartphone functions they will have access to. Island uses this opportunity to cut off the applications you specified from the system as much as possible, keeping them fully functional (in fact, they won’t even “understand” this).

All you need to do is select an application from the list, after which it will be cloned and placed in the sandbox. After that, you can delete the original and safely use the clone of the application, without worrying that it can read your contact list, call history, view photos and the like. At any time, the application can be frozen (for this you need to tap on the application and press the lock icon). After that, the system will not see it. You can even set up automatic freezing of apps when the screen is off with Greenify.

The author himself suggests the following use cases for Island:

  • freezing applications to suppress their background activity;
  • protection against untrusted applications;
  • using two copies of the application at once, linked to different accounts;
  • archiving rarely used applications;
  • hiding apps.

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