Isos, the new champagne created by seven fabulous women is born

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Is called Isos, which in Greek means “equal”, and is much more than just Champagne. It is a story of friendship, collaboration, intelligent entrepreneurship and also of femininity.

Why Isos – a little gem produced in 644 bottles and 200 magnums and distributed in Italy by Alberto Massucco Champagne – is the result of the union of seven vigneron women from seven different territories of French Champagne. Seven real winemakers, who have come together, have joined forces and worked for the creation of a unique product, representative of the group and not only of the individual parts that compose it.

Laureen Baillette, Hélène Beaugrand, Claire Blin, Charlotte De Sousa, Mathilde Devarenne, Sophie Moussie e Delphine Brulez sono le “Fa’Bulleuses”, an all-female Champagne association who has chosen a name that refers to their being fabulous, but also to being sparkling, a characteristic both of them and of their wine.

“There have always been many women in Champagne, but there has never been a project like this that united them, unlike what happens among male vignerons,” explains Mathilde. In fact, although the world of Champagne has always and still been very linked to the female universe (just think of figures like Madame Pommery or Veuve Clicquot, as we had already told you here), that of Fa’Bulleuses it is an absolutely new project.

“Isos is the union of seven territories, seven stories and seven personalities,” they explain. The seven vignerons, in fact, put aside the peculiarities of their Maison for a moment, to better concentrate on the common goal. Each of them brought an equal amount of wine as a dowry (Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier), and it is from their assembly that this new bottle was created, with an interesting personality, with excellent freshness and a nice flavor in mouth.

«We combined our stories, we sat around a table and when we tasted the product of our assembly we couldn’t be more satisfied»Tell the Fa’Bulleuses. “Yet that of Isos has become a story of friendship even before that of production: when we met for the first time none of us knew each other, but today we are really a second family for each other”.


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