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Israel announces hitting Iranian targets in Syria


Due to the discovery of explosives along the “Alpha Line”, the de facto border between the Hebrew state and Syria, the Israeli army claims Wednesday (November 18th) to have struck Iranian and Syrian targets in Syria, by way of retaliation. “What Iran and Syria did: They put improvised explosive devices near the Alpha Line to hit Israeli troops. What we did: We just hit targets of the Iranian Quds Force and forces Syrian armies in Syria, “the Israeli army wrote on Twitter. The Quds Force is an elite unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards responsible for foreign operations.

Israel said it hit “storage facilities, headquarters and military complexes”. “Syrian surface-to-air missile batteries were hit,” he added in a statement. Israel has carried out hundreds of airstrikes and missiles on Syria since the outbreak of the civil war in 2011, targeting Iranian and Lebanese Hezbollah forces deployed in Syrian territory as well as government troops. The Jewish state rarely recognizes strikes, but it does when it says it is responding to specific attacks on Israeli territory.

Three Syrian soldiers killed

At least three soldiers were killed in Syria in these Israeli air strikes carried out at dawn, the official Syrian press agency Sana said. Citing a “military source”, the Sana news agency refers to an “aerial aggression” carried out by “the Zionist enemy” against “the southern region”. “The assault killed three soldiers and injured one soldier, causing material damage,” Sana said.

The source specifies that the Syrian air defense batteries were activated to counter the Israeli strikes, “bringing down a number of missiles”. At first, reporting “sounds of explosions”, the Sana news agency indicated that the air defense was facing “an Israeli aggression in the skies of the Damascus region”. Triggered by the repression of pro-democracy protests, the Syrian conflict has grown in complexity over the years, involving a multitude of foreign powers and armed groups. The war has left over 380,000 dead and millions displaced.

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