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Israel confirms that bodies of Thai hostages are with Hamas in Gaza

The Israeli Army said on Thursday (15) that two Thai agricultural workers were killed by Hamas on October 7 and their bodies are being held by the Islamist group in Gaza. According to the military, the families of the two citizens were notified.

What we know about the hostages still in Gaza

Israeli authorities believe that 128 hostages taken in the October 7 attacks remain in Gaza. Among them, at least 34 are dead.

Israel officially considers all people taken by Hamas hostages, even if they have already died, until their remains are returned.

Not all hostages are Israeli citizens. After the workers' deaths were confirmed on Thursday, there are six more Thais and one is Nepali.

The total number of hostages provided by the Israeli military has fluctuated in the months since the attack, based on intelligence information.

There are four more hostages, two of whom are dead, who have been held in Gaza since before October 7, according to the Israeli prime minister's office.

Source: CNN Brasil

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