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Israel honors victims killed at music festival

Israelis gathered in the region where the Nova Music Festival was held this Monday (13), the date on which the country celebrates Memorial Day, to honor the victims of the Hamas attack.

The area, surrounded by trees and bushes, was the scene of an electronic music party that was brutally interrupted by the October 7 attacks, when Gaza gunmen killed 364 people and kidnapped another 44.

There, mourners observed two minutes of silence as a siren marked the holiday in which Israel remembers its soldiers who died in combat and the victims of militant attacks.

Some of them lit candles in front of photographs of the dead, while others chanted Jewish prayers.

“I came here because I want to remember her here and light a candle while praying for her,” said Naama Kazes, who lost a friend during the party attack.

She said she hopes Hamas will release the more than 130 hostages held in captivity in the Gaza Strip.

“I hope they bring the hostages and stop terrorism themselves. It's painful for all of us. Only terrorism needs to stop,” he stated.

The war began with the October 7 attacks, when Hamas invaded the southern region of Israel. Now, the conflict is approaching its eighth month with the advance of Israeli forces on Rafah and the Jabalia refugee camp.

Israel counts 620 soldiers killed since the start of the conflict, more than half of them during the October 7 attack.

Palestinian deaths caused by the Israeli army in Gaza have now exceeded 35,000, according to the Gaza Ministry of Health.

Source: CNN Brasil

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