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Israel presents map with escape routes in Gaza for “next phase of war”

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) presented a new map that shows Gaza divided into hundreds of numbered districts showing “evacuation zones” to be used in the “next stage of the war” after the truce agreement expired and fighting resumed. on Friday.

“The published map divides the territory of Gaza into zones according to recognizable areas. This allows Gazans to orient themselves and evacuate specific places for their safety if necessary,” the statement said.

The IDF said the new map should reduce deaths when it carries out attacks in civilian areas where it says Hamas has military infrastructure.

The information was disseminated in English, Arabic and Hebrew on social media and through a leaflet.

Earlier on Friday, the IDF dropped leaflets in areas of southern Gaza that included a QR Code that connects to the map when scanned.

But telecommunications and electrical infrastructure in Gaza suffered extensive damage over the weeks of bombardment between October 7 and the start of the temporary truce on November 24. Many residents were left without access to internet and power.

The UN estimates that up to 1.8 million people in Gaza, or almost 80% of the population, have been internally displaced and forced to leave their homes.

Source: CNN Brasil

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