Israel: Robot Chef Makes Burgers for BBB Fast Food Chain

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The Israeli fast food chain BBB has been proposing for the past few days a vegetarian burger, which prepares and cooks a robot, which adapts its baking and composition according to the tastes of the customers, an innovation, according to the fast food.

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“This is the first time a machine has automatically made a personalized burger,” Russell Wisman, chief executive of SavorEat, an Israeli start-up that specializes in alternative meat production, told AFP today.

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“Everyone can choose the amount of vegetable protein or fat in their burger, as well as its size or how it is cooked through an application,” Wiesmann explained.

The “robot chef”, who has the height of a large oven, can make three different burgers at the same time.

The machine mixes various ingredients, such as beans, potatoes and chickpeas, to make a “meat-like” mixture, said Wiesmann, who co-founded the company in 2018 with two professors at the University of Jerusalem.

The dish is cooked in a few minutes, she assured.

The “innovation”, according to BBB Group CEO Ahuwa Turgemann, is that the customer selects the ingredients and the robot executes without anyone touching the burger, which is then placed by hand between two slices of bread.

In the first phase, those who wish will be able to try this gastronomic innovation in the restaurants of the city of Herzliya, near Tel Aviv, for about 60 shekels (17 euros), along with french fries and soft drinks.



Source From: Capital

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