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Israel says it has hit 300 Hamas targets amid ground operation in the Gaza Strip

Fighter planes and helicopters were heard flying in areas around the Gaza Strip on Tuesday morning (31), after another night of intense fighting.

During the night, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) bombarded the Palestinian territory with artillery fire, mortars and airstrikes. The teams from CNN saw numerous large explosions in northern Gaza, while the IDF appeared to be flares illuminating the ground, followed by artillery fire and airstrikes.

The IDF said on Tuesday that its forces had struck “approximately 300 targets” including military compounds inside underground tunnels belonging to Hamas over the past day.

During ground operations, IDF soldiers “had several confrontations with terrorist cells who fired anti-tank missiles and machine guns at them. Soldiers killed terrorists and directed air forces for real-time strikes against terrorist targets and infrastructure,” he said.

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Israel’s expanded ground operations in recent days have killed “numerous Hamas terrorists” and hundreds of military targets have been hit, according to the IDF.

Videos released by the IDF on Tuesday morning show Israeli soldiers on the ground in Gaza, advancing on foot and in tanks through rural areas, as well as what appears to be a significantly war-damaged urban district.

Despite the intensification of the IDF ground operation, Hamas continued to fire rockets from Gaza. The reporters from CNN heard alarms indicating fire in several areas around the Gaza perimeter overnight and into Tuesday morning.

Source: CNN Brasil

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