Israel: Six Palestinian prisoners escaped by digging tunnels are still wanted

Israel: Six Palestinian prisoners escaped by digging tunnels are still wanted

They are still escaping capture five Palestinians prisoners who escaped from an Israeli jail on Monday digging tunnels. THE Israeli The army arrested at least five of their relatives in the occupied West Bank.

Israeli forces have launched a massive manhunt to locate the six Palestinians, members of the militant group, who escaped from the Gilboa high-security prison where they were being held.

Drones have been deployed, roadblocks have been set up, mainly in the West Bank and around the Gaza Strip, to find fugitives serving life sentences for taking part in attacks against Israel.

A police source told the Haaretz newspaper on Tuesday that the fugitives were “very likely” to have arrived in Jordan, which is about 20 kilometers east of the prison. According to the newspaper, a car was waiting for some, or all of the detainees, three kilometers from Gilboa.

Questions are also raised about the way they managed to escape, under the eyes of the guards. According to the state radio station Kan, the fugitives appeared in the prison surveillance circuit when they came out of the tunnel, but no prison guard noticed them on the screen at that moment.

The same source stated that guard who was responsible for this area of ​​the prison rather had fallen asleep at the time of his shift.

A Maariv journalist wrote that, according to the first data of the investigation, the detainees took five months to dig the tunnel that started under the bathroom sink in the cell they were sharing.

According to the Athenian News Agency, the penitentiary authorities have so far removed 90 Palestinian detainees from the prison, out of a total of 360. At the same time, the authorities will thoroughly search the building to check that other detainees have not dug tunnels.

Arrests of relatives of detainees by Israeli authorities

Two brothers of Mahmoud Ardah, considered the mastermind of the escape, have been arrested by the Israeli army, the Palestinian Prisoners of War organization said.

An Ardach cousin escaped arrest, while his brother was arrested, as was Dr. Nidal Ardach, a member of their family, the same source added.

The father of Munadel Infayat, a fugitive and member of the Islamic Jihad, was also arrested.

Other families of the fugitives may also have been arrested, said Amani Sarahneh, a spokesman for the Palestinian Prisoners of War group, adding that some had already been released.

The Israeli military said in a statement that “many arrests were made overnight” in the West Bank, without elaborating.

Israeli justice has ordered no details of the investigation to be released, as the local press tries to shed more light on the case, which has embarrassed the country’s authorities and raised concerns that the fugitives could be released. attacks.

“It is the right of every detainee to seek the means to secure his release,” Palestinian Prime Minister Mohamed Stageh said on Tuesday, adding that he was “happy” with the Palestinians’ escape.

In the Gaza Strip and Jenin in the West Bank, where some of the fugitives come from, several people took to the streets to celebrate their escape.

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