Israel: The last two detainees escaped from Gilboa prison have been arrested

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Israeli police say the last two detainees have been arrested escaped in a way worthy of a movie from Gilboa High Security Prison, in northern Israel, during an operation in the eastern part of the city of Jenin.

“The pursuit was successfully completed following a joint operation by the army, the public security service and the special police forces (…) in the city of Jenin. The two terrorists who had escaped from prison were arrested “, for his part, said the representative of the Israeli army, Abihai Andray.

On September 6, six Palestinians held in a high-security prison after being convicted of involvement in violent anti-Israel violence were able to escape through an underground tunnel they dug outside.

The six fugitives, who were described as “heroes” on the Palestinian side, became the most wanted men for the Israeli authorities, who deployed army forces and remote-controlled drones to locate them.

The weekend after the escape, reminiscent of the American film Shawshank Redemption, Israeli forces have arrested four of the fugitives in a Nazareth area, an Arab city in northern Israel.

They specifically questioned Mahmoud Arda, a member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, who has been imprisoned since 1996 and is thought to have been the mastermind of the escape, and Zakaria al-Zubaydi, a former member of the Fatah al-Fatah militant group in Palestine. stronghold of the armed struggle.

The last two fugitives, Ayman Kamaji, 35, and Munadel Infayat, 26, are both members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. arrested in an operation by the army and special police forces and “subject to interrogation”.

Ayman Kamaji, from Kafr Dan, near Jenin, was arrested in 2006 and sentenced to life in prison for the abduction and murder of Elijah Aseri, a young Israeli settler.

Munadel Infayat was arrested in 2020; he expects to know the sentence that will be imposed on him. He had been arrested and imprisoned in the past for his activities in the ranks of the armed organization.

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