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Israel to agree to limited ceasefire ‘only with mass release of hostages’

The chairman of his National Security Council Israel made it clear that his country would agree to limited ceasefire in Gaza, only if hostages are released en masse.

According to Times of IsraelThe Jachi Hanegby stated that “Israel will only agree to a ceasefire in exchange for the release of a large number of hostages, not a manipulative release by Hamas for public relations purposes.”

Only then will we agree to a ceasefire which will be very limited and short because then we will continue to move towards our war aims,” ​​he then added.

He also emphasized that the The War Cabinet is united in its strategy to push for the release of the hostages, indicating ministers believe it will happen only if Hamas feels under pressure, rejecting Qatari mediators’ claim that the IDF ground invasion is complicating the talks.

He also claimed that in talks with US President Joe Biden and other world leaders, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu resisted calls for ceasefires and humanitarian pauses without releasing hostages.

It is noted that Hamas is holding around 240 hostages and allegedly hiding them in the underground tunnels of Gazahowever their location has not yet been identified.

Source: News Beast

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