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Israel will use its military prowess to become a ‘superpower’ in Artificial Intelligence

The Israel intends to use the his military abilityso that it becomes “superpower» in Artificial Intelligence (TN), the General Secretary of the Ministry of Defense said today, predicting developments in autonomous war and in optimized combat decision making.

Steps to exploit the rapid developments in Artificial Intelligence include creation of a specialized military robotics organization in the ministry, and record budget for related research and development this year, said retired General Eyal Zamir. The ministry declined to give specific numbers for TN funding.

“There are those who see TN as the next revolution in its form war on the battlefield,” Zamir told the Herzliya Conference, an annual international security forum.

He named the Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) and the Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) as the deep learning disciplines discussed by political AI industrieswhich could eventually have military applications.

These, Zamir said, potentially include “the ability of a platform to strike in swarms or combat systems to operate independentlythe ability to data is merged and yes decisions are made quicklyon a larger scale than ever.”

The Israeli military has revealed some of the autonomous systems already in development. In 2021, he reported that robotic surveillance jeeps they would help the border patrols with the Gaza Strip.

This month, state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries unveiled one autonomous intelligence-gathering submarinewhich, he said, has already logged “thousands of hours” in business.

THE Eyal attributed Israel’s achievements to cyber war – widely believed to have been used against Iranian nuclear facilities – in “correct and timely discernment of defense, economic, national and international dimensions”. Similarly, he said, “our mission is to turn the State of Israel into a superpower in IT and to we are at the heart of a very limited number of world powers that are in this club».

Source: News Beast

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