Israeli army: ‘Impossible’ to determine how journalist Sirin Abu Akleh was killed

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The Israeli military reiterated today that it was “impossible” to determine how Sirin Abu Aklech was killed after the United Nations said a Palestinian-American journalist had been fatally shot by Israeli forces on May 11 in the occupied West Bank.

An Al Jazeera reporter “was not deliberately shot by an Israeli soldier and it is impossible to determine whether he was killed by a Palestinian gunman who fired indiscriminately in the area where he was, or unintentionally by an Israeli soldier,” the military said in a statement.

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Earlier in the day, UNHCR spokeswoman Ravina Samdasani said: “All the information we have gathered – from both the Israeli army and the Palestinian Attorney General – converges on the fact that “Abu Aklech and the wounding of his colleague Ali Samoudi came from the Israeli security forces and not from unspecified Palestinian fire, as the Israeli authorities claimed.”

Source: Capital

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