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Israeli attack on hospital is in accordance with the law, says advisor

Ophir Falk, foreign policy adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said on Monday (20) that the Israeli attack on the Indonesian Hospital in northern Gaza was proportionate and “in full compliance with international law.” .

“We are in full compliance with international law, with proportionality and distinction, and there is a clear military necessity to destroy Hamas, and that is exactly what we are doing,” Falk told CNN’s Alex Marquardt.

“In the process of destroying Hamas, which is what the Israel Defense Forces are conducting right now, we are distinguishing, making a clear distinction between civilians and terrorists,” Falk added.

Twelve people died after Israeli tank fire hit the hospital, health authorities in the Hamas-controlled territory said.

The dead included patients and a member of the medical team, authorities said.

Asked whether Israel’s military actions in Gaza demonstrated a lack of concern for civilians, Falk defended Israel’s response, saying “there is no military on Earth that is more moral” than the Israel Defense Forces.

Source: CNN Brasil

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