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Israeli soldiers forced five Palestinian women to undress in front of their children under threat of dogs eating them

A horrifying revelation was made by the Israeli newspaper “Haaretz” where presented how Israeli soldiers forced five Palestinian women to undress inside their home and in front of their children during a raid on their residence in Hebron.

According to the newspaper, 50 soldiers stormed the family’s home in the southern neighborhood of Hebron on July 10. Along with the military there were also specially trained dogs.

The same source states that female soldiers under the threat of taming the dogs to eat them they forced five women to strip in front of their children and Israeli soldiers.

In the wake of the incident, the report notes, it was revealed that the soldiers stole gold jewelry and money from the house.

The women’s family reported the theft to the Israeli police station in the settlement of Kiryat Arba. The police denied the theft, but the next day they were called to collect the gold, which they confiscated believing it to be… ammunition. However, the money they allegedly took was not returned.

Manal Al-Jabari, a human rights activist with the Israeli left-wing organization B’Tselem, said that had recently documented 20 cases and that there is a clear increase in Palestinian women being forced to strip at gunpoint and “sniff” dogs.

Al-Jabari reported that Palestinian women who have suffered this experience refuse to speak publicly, but the same is not the case with their family members.

The Israeli military said the operation was aimed at seizing a weapon found inside the house and it was “necessary to conduct the search, which was carried out in a separate room without the use of cameras”.

Source: News Beast

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