Iss, for the first time a woman to head the Infectious Diseases Department

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Anna Teresa Palamara is the new director of the Infectious Diseases Department of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (Iss). She is the first woman to hold this position in the history of the department, that is at the forefront of Covid and is considered among the most important of the ISS.

Abruzzese, a graduate of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Palamara is physician and full professor of Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine of the La Sapienza University of Rome.

He taught at the University of Naples (Federico II) and in Rome at Tor Vergata. She was president of Section III (Prevention and Public Health), of the Superior Health Council, elected president of the Italian Society of Microbiology (Sim) and now president of the Italian College of Microbiologists.

He has signed over 160 scientific publications and has studied at length the mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of diseases caused by viruses, in particular respiratory diseases, the role of microorganisms in the onset of neurodegenerative diseases and antibiotic resistance.

«I am honored to be able to carry out this assignment in an institute of such authority and prestige alongside President Silvio Brusaferro and at the service of public health ”, he explained. “My goal is to help organize a department that promotes a close synergy between research and public health activities and that, by networking with other excellences in the country, can offer up-to-date and consolidated knowledge and skills both to address the” daily coexistence “with microorganisms both to be ready to handle any emergencies like the one we experienced ». And again: “The conditions are all there: the quality of the service that the Institute has rendered and continues to render to the country has shown it, now it is only a question of enhancing that experience, making it grow and turning it to the future”.

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