ISS Right Now 6.3.1

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ISS HD Live – you can watch online broadcasts of the cameras of the International Space Station and track the ISS orbit on the map in real time.

  • Map: Displays the current location of the International Space Station. You can zoom in, tilt and move around the map to see where the orbit is at the moment. Displays the shadow of the Earth, letting you know if the ISS (International Space Station) is on the day or night side of the Earth. When the ISS is on the night side of the Earth, the broadcast cannot be seen due to the lack of light, so you see the video image in black. During this time, you can enjoy watching NASA TV until the Earth image is displayed again.
  • Video: displaying images of cameras on the International Space Station in real time. You can view cameras in full screen mode and share on your favorite social network page or elsewhere. The video has the following parameters:
  • Camera 1 (HD): a set of high-definition cameras installed on the outside of the ISS;
  • Camera 2: a set of cameras installed outside and inside the ISS. Sometimes you can watch the work of astronauts on board and watch interviews directly from space;
  • NASA TV and NASA TV Media: Displays NASA mission programs, space-related research questions.
  • Notifications: ISS HD Live will send you notifications when the International Space Station exits or enters the Earth’s shadow, allowing you to watch the sun set and rise directly from outer space. There are a total of 16 sunsets and 16 sunrises. You will also receive notifications for special events such as spacewalks.
  • Google Cast: This application is compatible with the Google Cast device, so you can enjoy the spectacular images of our planet right on your TV screen.

Stay with us and enjoy the scenic views of our planet!

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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