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Istanbul: Images of destruction from the Greek hospital – The possible cause of the fire

The destruction at the Greek hospital “Valouklis” in Istanbul is causing sadness. The fire broke out yesterday around 14:20 and was finally brought under control, however, after destroying the roof of the historic building.

Patients of the hospital had been removed and transferred to other hospitals in the City. According to “CNN Türk”, 104 people were removed from the ward of the nursing home.

As reported by the media, the fire may have been caused by a problem with the hospital’s electrical system. Prefect Ali Gerlikaya stated that there were no injuries and that after the fire was extinguished the Turkish state would proceed with the renovation of the hospital.

The Turkish news agency Anadolu reported that Turkish citizens rushed into the hospital to rescue patients and that the cause of the fire was not yet known.

The Greek Hospital of Valouklis, which serves the diaspora of Constantinople, was founded in 1753.

“The Community is ready to offer its assistance in repairing the damages”

“Our Amogenia in America is ready to immediately offer its assistance, in every way possible, for the restoration of the damages caused by the disastrous fire which broke out at midday at the Greek Hospital of Valouklis, a historic building and a vital charity foundation of Hellenism, in Constantinoplewhich must continue its mission, which is none other than the care and treatment of our elderly and sick brothers.

The Archbishop of America Elpidophoros made this statement a little while ago, expressing at the same time his gratitude to the merciful God, that there was no human loss.

The Archbishop of America did not fail to express his warm thanks to the firefighters who fought the flames for a long time, to the hospital staff and to all those who rushed to the scene from all over the City, in order to help remove the sick and elderly from the burning building.

In fact, “as our Ecumenical Patriarch also noted, Archbishop Elpidophoros emphasized, what matters is human life, as the buildings, facilities and all other materials that existed in the area can be rebuilt.”

The Archbishop of America also emphasized that he will visit the hospital as soon as he arrives in Istanbul next week, as part of the third pilgrimage visit of our expatriates, organized by the Archdiocese of America on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of its establishment.

Responding to the appeal of Archbishop Elpidophoros for immediate assistance in repairing the damages, the president of the National Charity, Arlene Slaveli Kell, after expressing her deepest regret for the devastating fire, but also her gratitude to God for the immediate and safe evacuation of the hospital , emphasized that “the National Philanthropy, with deep love for the charitable institution, will support its restoration work in every way”.

Contact Bakoyannis-Imamoglou for the Greek hospital in Constantinople

His support, but also the assurance that the Municipality of Athens is ready to contribute by any means, so that the Greek Hospital “Valouklis” in Constantinople, which was completely destroyed after a fire, is reborn again was expressed by the Mayor of Athens, Kostas Bakoyiannis, in a communication that had with the Mayor of Istanbul Ekrem Imamoglou.

During their conversation, Mr. Bakoyannis pointed out that the destruction of the hospital by fire is a significant blow to the Greek diaspora. He clarified, however, that the most important thing is that there were no human losses.

Also, the Mayor was informed by his Turkish counterpart about the extent of the damage, but also about the state of health of the patients who were removed from the facilities, in order to be saved from the fiery flames.

The Mayor of Constantinople thanked Costas Bakoyannis for his immediate and practical interest, as well as for the readiness of the Municipality of Athens to assist with the reconstruction of the historic hospital.

Source: News Beast

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