Istanbul: In three months, the work on the historical “Valouklis” hospital will be completed

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In three months, it is expected that the repair works in the Nursing Home of the historic Greek hospital will be completed “Pebble” in Constantinoplewhich suffered severe material damage in the summer of 2022 from a catastrophic fire.

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A delegation of the Regional Union of Municipalities of Central Macedonia (PEDKM) led by the president and mayor of Pylaia Hortiatis, Ignatios Kaitezidis, and accompanied by the Metropolitan of Neapolis and Stavroupolis, Varnavas, visited the now-empty space for elderly and sick residents. Turkey.

The work on the largest expatriate institution in Istanbul began on September 22, 2022 with the financial support of associations and organizations of Greece and the Hellenism of the diaspora, according to APE-MPE. Among them, PEDKM financed the “Valouklis” Nursing Home with 50,000 euros for its immediate restoration. During this period, the constructions on the roof are completed, while new frames are installed in the rooms.

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The historical Greek hospital of “Valoucles” was founded in 1753, is under the umbrella of the Ecumenical Patriarchate and is one of the most important charitable institutions in Constantinople. The fire broke out at the beginning of last August, luckily there were no casualties, as 62 elderly people and 42 inpatients were receiving care and comfort in its premises.

“We visited the sites, saw the work. Let’s hope that on our next trip we will see a living building, full of people who deserve dignity and love at these ages since so many years have offered so much”said Metropolitan Barnabas.

For his part, Mr. Kaitezidis stated that PEDKM responded financially to the effort to restore “Valouklis” so that “this Nursing Home can be restored as it was. To be functional and to open its arms to the people of Omogenia. It is a symbolic and essential act on behalf of the Regional Union, supporting the Community of Istanbul”.

The PEDKM delegation earlier visited the only female monastery in Turkey, the Holy Monastery of Panagia Vlacherna, the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi in Vlacherna and the tombs of the Patriarchs.

Source: News Beast

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