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Istituto Marangoni presents the first digital fashion show format

The Istituto Marangoni Group goes beyond the limits of traditional formats for promoting fashion collections by presenting the first event developed with artificial intelligence. Is called «I AM AI» and it is an innovative format, where the traditional fashion show is expressed through a new, integrating approach 3D collection development software with digital environments created by Artificial Intelligence.

An ambitious step forward, aimed at celebrating the fusion of creativity with the most innovative forms of technology, highlighting the collections created in CLO3D by the best students from its schools. A unique, totally digital immersive experience which expresses the high level of experimentation that Istituto Marangoni has undertaken in recent years through the creation of its Metaverse, creating the first phygital fashion show in Dubai and developing this format where creativity manages to express itself in new semantic forms created thanks to the use of specific AI software.

Immersive navigation will also include a moment of gamification in which you can create images with the students’ selected looks and insert them into backgrounds created by artificial intelligence. A symphony between cutting-edge innovation and artificial intelligence, where the balance between technological progress and ethics gives life to collections in which AI algorithms not only guide the creative process, offering valuable insights, but become creative collaborators for students, elevating their ability to conceive and perfect unique works.

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«The education of the future, in the vision of Istituto Marangoni, must have the courage to embrace digital evolution by better managing the software offered by AI to create new dimensions of experimentation capable of increasingly enhancing uniqueness and creative genius . The integration of new digital stimuli into the traditional courses of the Group’s schools has already been a reality for a couple of years; this has allowed the greater involvement of the most far-sighted companies in the sector who, together with us, are experimenting with innovative projects in the digital field. Strengthened by this new academic strategy, Istituto Marangoni is preparing to launch its new course in the Metaverse, where students will be able to experience pattern making, product design and photo-shooting thanks also to digital laboratories that will allow them to learn new skills for creativity which will become increasingly experimental and to the benefit of innovation”, he comments Stefania Valenti – Managing Director of Istituto Marangoni.

«I AM AI» represents a first step in the experimentation that Istituto Marangoni will carry out in its Metaverse and which will be open to all fashion enthusiasts, industry professionals and students who will find in this digital space a format to experience new forms of creativity.

The most innovative collection will be voted by two distinct juries: the first “technique” made up of Alumni, Mentors and professionals from the world of fashion and the second made up of all visitors who will express their preference by voting directly in the Metaverse.

Source: Vanity Fair

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