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It became known how much cryptocurrency was stolen from billionaire Mark Cuban

The owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team, Mark Cuban, suffered from an attack by hackers – they gained access to his hot wallet and withdrew $870,000 worth of crypto assets.

The hack was reported by a blockchain analyst under the pseudonym Wazz. He discovered that all crypto assets had been withdrawn from Mark Cuban’s wallet, while the billionaire’s address had previously been inactive for about 5 months.

The attackers managed to withdraw 175,000 USDC tokens, 4,860 USDT, 7,020 RARI, 12,360 MATIC and 338.21 stETH. The billionaire also lost 5.29 ETH, 8,247 WETH, 697,480 RARE, 16,670 BIT, 5.92 GOHM and 10,000 AUDIO.

As Mark Cuban himself later admitted, it seems that the attackers infected his computer with a virus and waited patiently for him to log into his MetaMask wallet. When this happened they began to withdraw funds. The billionaire noticed this and moved 3.049 million USDC stablecoins to a Coinbase Custody wallet to store them. However, his total losses amounted to $870,000.

Recall that in 2021, Mark Cuban lost an unknown amount of money in the fraudulent DeFi project Iron Finance. Then he said that this industry needs to be regulated.

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