It draws 1.3 billion euros for projects in December

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By Eleni Botas

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For four major projects it draws in December, totaling 1.3 billion euros.

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The battle for their claim is expected to be fought between the 5 strongmen of the construction industry, namely GEK TERNA, ELLAKTOR, AVAX, INTRAKAT and Mytilineos.

The beginning of the big auctions is expected on December 9 for the first phase of the infrastructure of around 300 million euros, promoted by Lamda Development in the area of ​​the old airport in Elliniko.

The Technical Clubs will be invited to submit bids for the implementation of the first infrastructure projects, which include, among others, the undergrounding of Poseidonos Avenue, the cost of which is estimated between 70-85 million euros, as well as works in public areas, earthworks, network wastewater treatment plants, water resources management, etc.

The big builders have already taken a battle position, while according to information, the competition will be done through a closed procedure.

The two big tenders of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, the Flyover of Thessaloniki and the Axis of the Southwestern Peloponnese, Department of Kalamata – Rizomylos – Pylos – Methoni, enter the final straight, with a total budget of approximately 680 million euros.

The date for the submission of financial bids, which was expected by the construction industry, is set for December 20. The goal for both projects is to have a contractor at the beginning of 2022 and within the new year to start their construction.

Specifically for December 20, the submission of financial bids has been set in the tender for the project “Design, Construction, Financing, Operation and Maintenance of the Road Axis Southwest Peloponnese, Department Kalamata – Rizomylos – Pylos – Methoni, with PPP . “, with a budget of EUR 312 million.

The 5 groups that will be invited to submit their bids are Avax, Aktor Concessions, Intrakat, GEK TERNA and the consortium Acciona Concesiones – Mytilineos. The project concerns the construction, financing, operation and maintenance of the National Road Kalamata – Rizomylos – Pylos – Methoni, with a total length of about 50 km, which includes the following sections: The section Kalamata – Rizomylos 16.4 km long, the section Rizomylos – Pylos 25.7 km long and the section Pylos – Methoni 7.9 km long.

The project will improve the safety of road infrastructure in the southwestern Peloponnese, while at the same time will contribute to the tourist upgrade of the area by cooperating with existing and planned transport infrastructure and ensuring fast and safe transportation.

The submission of financial bids is set for December 20 for the new Eastern Ring Road of Thessaloniki, or Flyover, which includes the creation of a new, overland highway, with a total budget of 370 million euros.

Five groups have expressed interest in the project: AVAX SA, GEK-TERNA SA, AKTOR CONCESSIONS SA, INTRACAT and the consortium “MYTILINEOS SA – INTERTOLL EUROPE ZRt.

The Flyover will serve 10,000 vehicles per hour per direction and will save lives, as today according to the data, the mortality rate on the Eastern Ring Road of Thessaloniki is 12 times higher than the Attiki Odos in Athens.

The pioneering project, unique of its kind in Greece, concerns 13 kilometers, with 9 uneven junctions, 4 kilometers of continuous Flyover bridge, 8 new bridges and 3 new tunnels. The budget is 370 million euros and will be financed with PPPs. Its construction will employ more than 1,000 employees.

Finally, within December, the tender for the award of the Public-Private Partnership Contract of the project “Northern Road Axis of Crete / Design, Construction, Financing, Operation and Maintenance of the Hersonissos – Neapoli section with SD” is expected.

The competition is attended by “GEK TERNA”, “AKTOR CONCESSIONS”, “ASSOCIATION OF PERSONS ARIADNE HIGHWAY”, in which AVAX participates with MARGUERITE, and the “UNION OF PERSONS INTER. The PPP contract will last for 30 years, with 4 of them relating to the construction period of the project.

The project has a total budget of 350 million euros.


Source From: Capital

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