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“It has a context, it’s part of it”, says Bruno Montaleone about sex scenes

Netflix’s “The Good Side of Being Betrayed” is a hit with the public. Netflix’s erotic thriller remained among the 10 most watched programs for a long time and also gave visibility to the actor Bruno Montaleone who plays the protagonist’s best friend and plays a fundamental role in the development of the plot.

The Netflix thriller has several hot scenes, but Montaleone did not participate in any of them. However, he has already had to act in more intimate scenes in the soap opera. “Secret Truths II”. In an interview with CNN, the actor spoke about the sex scenes, which, although there is curiosity and repercussion, he does not see taboos in these scenes when they are important to the narrative. “I can’t say if there are fewer and fewer taboos, I can say that I never saw a question as to whether these scenes were important to tell the story. There’s a context, I think that’s part of it, right? It’s part of my profession to tell stories,” he said.

At 27 years old, the actor believes that the turning point for his career actually came in 2023. In addition to “O Lado Bom de Ser Traída”, Bruno Montalone also stars in the literary adaptation “Perdida”, on Disney+. He plays good guy Ian Clarke, while his role in the Netflix series is [cuidado, spoilers] villain.

With the two characters so different, highlighted the importance of familiarizing yourself with the universe of the original books in the “Lost” Saga. “The reception is very nice. We want people to feel that the story they love so much was told with dignity and affection”, highlights the actor to CNN.

Regarding fan reception, Bruno highlights the diversity of audiences reached, especially in “O Lado Bom de Ser Traída”, which had a significant global reach. “I receive messages from all over the world. This is really cool for me, this globalization gives a special affection to receive”, shares the actor.

While Ian, from “Perdida”, required in-depth research into the character’s life in the books, the preparation for Thiago was different. “It was the first work where I channeled things that were happening in my life,” he says of his role in “The Good Side of Being Betrayed.”

Fulfilling his dream of playing his first protagonist in “Perdida”, the actor was more moved by the experience of seeing the release on the big screen. “The entire cinema was decorated with our film”, he details. “I arrived with the Giovanna Grigio, seeing those giant posters with us on them, I started crying. I even posted the photo of me crying, but I’m happy. I’m pretty stirred up. It was very special for me,” remember.

Despite moving between series, soap operas and films, Montaleone’s true passion is on the big screen. “Cinema for me was where I really caught on. I want to continue doing cinematic things or at least in this cinematic language which is what betrayed me the most”, emphasized the actor.

Regarding his future projects, Bruno Montaleone revealed ongoing negotiations and a new work that has already been completed. Additionally, he highlighted his interest in exploring personal projects, such as a short film. “Every actor, even without realizing it, is already a bit of a director, a bit of an author. We also have to exercise to be able to tell our stories”, concludes the actor.

Check out the trailer for Netflix’s “The Good Side of Being Betrayed”:

Source: CNN Brasil

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