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It is false that the Netherlands, India and Russia offered military support to Bolsonaro

It is false that the Netherlands, India and Russia offered military support to Bolsonaro

False: It is false that the Netherlands, India and Russia have recently offered military support to Brazil and the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro (PL), under any pretext. The information was denied by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil to Comprova.

investigated content🇧🇷 Video about 7 minutes in which a man who claims to be from Portugal reads alleged news from abroad about Brazil. At a certain point in the video, he mentions that the Netherlands, India and Russia offered military support to the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro (PL).

where it was published: Facebook and TikTok.

Conclusion of Comprova: The governments of Holland, India and Russia did not offer military support to Jair Bolsonaro (PL). The false statement appears in a video in which a man identifies himself as a supporter of the Brazilian president and resident in Portugal. According to him, the information about the alleged support would be public.

In internet searches, there is no return that indicates the veracity of the allegation, whether news or even official notes on government websites of the countries cited by the author of the piece of disinformation.

Comprova also made contact with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil. We question whether the ministry has received any contact from these three countries (Netherlands, India and Russia) in order to offer military support to Brazil and Bolsonaro. According to Itamaraty, “the allegation is unfounded”.

Falsefor Comprova, is content that was invented or that has been edited to change its original meaning and deliberately disseminated to spread falsehood.

publication reach: As of November 23, the video had 443,000 views, 6,100 comments and 54,000 reactions on Facebook. On TikTok, there were 690.3 thousand views, 3,132 comments and 68.5 thousand likes.

What the person responsible for the publication says: Comprova found the profiles on the social networks of the author of the videos. On TikTok he has two accounts. One identifies himself as Ronin and the other as Dudas, the same name that appears on the Instagram account. In both networks, it is not possible to make contact by message. There is also a YouTube account.

On all three platforms, the same videos are published. They are images in which the man reads and comments on alleged international news about Brazil on unknown sites. Most of the videos contain misinformation, some of which have already been verified by Comprova, such as a report presented in an argentine live that lies about the electoral process🇧🇷

How do we check: The first step was to search for the affirmation of the video on Google, since the person responsible for the content stated that such an offer of military support would be public. THE search did not return any results🇧🇷 Searching for the terms “Russia” and “military” brings up links related to the war in Ukraine.

In a search on the official websites of the governments of Netherlands🇧🇷 India and Russia We also did not find news about the military and Brazil. On the Russian site, by the way, the most recent post with a reference to Brazil is a President Vladimir Putin interview, on October 27, before the second round of elections in Brazil. In the conversation, Putin says that Russians have “a good relationship with Mr. [Luiz Inácio] Lula [da Silva] and a good relationship with Mr. [Jair] Bolsonaro”. “We don’t interfere in their internal politics, that’s what matters most,” Putin says in the text.

Countries recognized Lula’s victory

The three countries mentioned by the author of the video recognized Lula’s victory in the presidential elections in Brazil. Recently, Comprova showed that the Holland had done it, disproving another piece of misinformation that said otherwise. But, wow showed that India also recognized Lula’s victory. It’s the Power360 pointed out that the leader of Russia did the same.

why do we investigate: Comprova investigates suspicious content that goes viral on social media about the pandemic and public policies of the federal government and pieces that question the result of the presidential elections. Publications such as the one verified here put democracy at risk, inflaming acts of a coup-like nature that are taking place across the country, potentially disrupting our democratic system.

Other checks on the topic: Comprova has already shown that it is false that voters’ votes were revealed from the decoding of the ballot box system and that the election result is not under analysis by the Justice after Armed Forces report🇧🇷

Investigated by: Gaúcha ZH; Verified by: Plural Curitiba, Folha de S.Paulo, Poder 360, Metrópoles

Source: CNN Brasil



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