It is never too late: Carlo Mazzone lands on social networks

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It’s never too late. Carlo Mazzone lands on social media, and already put down so it seems the title of a dystopian film, because we are talking about a gentleman who will turn 84 in March who never in his life would have thought of starting to “fiddle” on Twitter. His nephew Alessio took care of it, to which Mazzone is very attached.

Immediately a triumph (in a few hours already exceeded 10 thousand followers) for the social baptism of one of the most loved men in Italian football. Two photos. The first with the shirt of Ascoli, the team in which he played as a player.

“Many years ago!” is the sentence that accompanies the post. The second more intimate, taken just over a month ago, during the Christmas holidays, at Mazzone’s home – San Benedetto del Tronto – with his wife and grandchildren.

The patriarch of Italian football, former coach of Rome, Bologna, Ascoli, Catanzaro among others, the man who for Francesco Totti “he is like a father” and for Pep Guardiola – trained in Brescia – “he is a person who deserves the best and who helped me in a difficult moment of my career”, today he is a serene man who enjoys his grandchildren and finds every day the confirmation of having sown a lot of humanity , not only football knowledge, in the mood – a very long breath – of his 38 seasons on the bench, from Ascoli 1968 to Livorno 2006, with the record of 797 official matches.

With this landing on social media for Mazzone begins the run-up to his friend and colleague, Giovanni Trapattoni, the Trap, the former national team coach who – also pushed by his nephew – at the end of 2018 – to celebrate his 80th birthday – began to dig up old photos from the drawers of his house and post them on Instagram, on a profile that today boasts over 100,000 follower.

This is also a match, the umpteenth of a challenge between two great men who have handed over their competence and passion to Italian football, passing on to the boys who have trained that handful of values ​​necessary to keep their backs straight.

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