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It was too hot! Bride cut her dress during the wedding so she could wear it all night

It was too hot!  Bride cut her dress during the wedding so she could wear it all night

Among the list of things that most concern a couple on their wedding day is the issue of the weather, since in their eagerness for everything to be perfect they try to control or ensure that the temperature is as pleasant as possible. However, it is practically impossible to manage or maintain weather conditions, because despite any forecast there are external elements that cause the thermometer to vary.

That is why, no matter how prepared the event is, in the face of any variation in temperature there are never any unforeseen events, so you have to know how to improvise to continue with the celebration. Something that a bride was very clear about, because feeling overheated with her dress, she chose to cut it in full reception, surprising netizens with her unusual action.

The protagonist of this unusual and surprising act is Morgan Rusinkoan American woman who, due to the high temperatures on her special day, could not stand the heat caused by her wedding dress, so for convenience she decided to cut it to continue enjoying the party with her new husband and guests.

The solution that this newly married girl took to her problem with the heat was shared through a video on her profile TikTokdiscovering that she not only surprised her guests by choosing her comfort over glamour, but also her followers, who made the video, within hours of its publication, popular on the network.


Should I send this to my seamstress?

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Point of view: Your wedding dress is too hot. So you decide to cut it during the reception.

Should I send this to my dressmaker?

With a very short duration of just five seconds, in the clip you can see the bride in question standing inside what looks like a bathroom or dressing room, while one of her bridesmaids, kneeling on the floor, cuts her dress with some scissors.

After the uproar that the transformation of her bridal outfit caused, Morgan said in the comments that the dress she wore to her wedding was the one she loved from the first moment she saw it, but when the party started, the heat that began to feel was excessive. In addition, after forgetting her spare garment, without thinking, the girl decided to cut it short.

The unusual action of this bride did not go unnoticed on the short video platform, so shortly after it was posted, users managed to accumulate 5.7 million views, 586.2 thousand “likes” and 1,612 comments from girls applauding her. decision, as well as for not giving importance to what they will say and doing what she thought was convenient.

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