“It wasn’t exactly a scream,” historians say about Independence Day

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On September 7, Brazil’s Independence Day, much is said about the famous cry of Dom Pedro I. However, according to some historians, the real act was not as romantic as it is in the books or how it was painted in the famous picture by Pedro Américo.

The historian and anthropologist, Lilia Schwarcz says that on September 7, 1922, independence had already occurred. “Episodes had already happened like Fico Day, the fulfillment, the letter of Maria Leopoldina, decisions of the Brazilian Party, but the romantic act was missing. This act took place in São Paulo, but it wasn’t exactly a scream. ”

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Schwarcz says that Dom Pedro I came from a long trip and for routes like these were the mules and not the horses. “Dom Pedro was in a mule and did not wear official clothes. He came from an unofficial mission and so he was not officially dressed. The act happened in the stream of Ipiranga because Dom Pedro was not well of his intestinal functions and needed to often get up, ”said the historian.

It was in this scenario that Dom Pedro was reached by the troops coming from Rio de Janeiro and asked for independence.

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Still on the date, historian Álvaro Nascimento also reports that after September 7 there were still several negotiations and rumors of Portuguese invasions. “There was still the possibility of restoring the Portuguese empire and the day was not such a heroic act.”

Already the professor of USP, Cecilia Helena de Salles Oliveira, said that Dom Pedro I was very shrewd and he who established September 7 as the milestone of the separation of Brazil province from Portugal. “Several historians distrust the scream as it was told.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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