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It will be up to governments to implement new full-time school model, says expert

In an interview with CNN this Friday (12), Olavo Nogueira Filho, executive director of Todos Pela Educação, said that it will be up to governments to implement a new, more flexible school model with greater connection to professional technical education.

“It will be up to states and governments to pay attention and manage to adjust what needs to be adjusted to be able to implement a new school model that is more attentive and more adherent to what young people are bringing”, he said.

Nogueira Filho refers to a survey carried out by DataFolha, at the request of Todos Pela Educação, which showed that more than 80% of young people see the probability of studying in schools with the same characteristics as full-time as high.

“When comparing young people who are in full-time school with students who are in a regular-time institution, the level of satisfaction is higher with students in full-time school.

Other data show that 98% of young Brazilians who are currently in high school in public schools want a school that prepares them for the job market and 9 out of 10 would like to choose an area to deepen their studies during the stage, while only 1 % stated that they would not be able to choose an area to deepen in the last stage of Basic Education.

In addition, the vast majority believe that technology can improve learning and 2 out of 3 young people want to attend Higher Education.

Source: CNN Brasil

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