Italian Health Minister: ‘We must run to catch fourth wave of pandemic’

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The main goal of the Italian government is to be able to limit as much as possible the spread of the fourth wave of coronavirus in the country. “Now we have to run, we have to stop the fourth wave of the pandemic,” Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza said today.

“The increase in infections is a fact. What should we do? I think it is just like when the water level goes up. There is no time to lose, we have to move faster than the virus,” he added.

He also stressed that he believes that the third dose of coronavirus vaccines should become mandatory for nurses, doctors and support staff working in hospitals and nursing homes. Roberto Speranza, in an interview with La Repubblica newspaper, also stressed that he does not want to use the term “Italian model”, but it is a fact that his country was the first to adopt the measure for mandatory use of the green pass vaccinated to all workplaces “.

Finally, the head of the Italian Ministry of Health is convinced that one of the reasons that has so far allowed his country to reduce, to some extent, the increase in cases, is that “safety and prevention measures have never been completely abolished. For example “The mandatory use of the mask indoors has always remained in force”.

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