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Italian PM emerges victorious in EU elections and strengthens his position

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s conservative Brothers of Italy party won the most votes in Italy’s European Parliament election over the weekend, reinforcing the prime minister’s position at home and abroad.

With almost all the ballots counted, Irmãos da Itália obtained 28.8% of the votes, more than four times what it achieved in the last European Union election in 2019, and surpassing the 26% it secured in the 2022 national election, when it reached to power.

“I am proud that Italy will present itself to the G7, to Europe, with the strongest government of all. This is something that did not happen in the past, but is happening today, it is a satisfaction and also a great responsibility”, said Meloni this Monday (10), at the party headquarters.

The center-left opposition Democratic Party came second with 24% of the vote, while another opposition group, the 5-Star Movement, came third with 9.9% – its worst result nationally. since its creation in 2009.

The poll indicated that Meloni’s governing coalition, made up of parties ranging from the center-right to the extreme right of the political spectrum, saw its support rise to more than 47%, from just under 43% in 2022.

“The results were not given in any way, it is a resounding achievement and shows that all the majority parties managed to grow together,” Meloni said on RTL 102.5 radio.

“It is a stimulus for (the government) to move forward. The Italians are giving us a loud and clear message to get on with our work… and, if possible, with greater determination.”

Força Itália, founded by the late Silvio Berlusconi, came in fourth place, with 9.7% of the votes, surpassing the League, which had 9.1%, a disappointment for leader Matteo Salvini, who has been pushing the party increasingly to the right.

Meloni’s party has its roots in a neo-fascist group and its victory in 2022 set the tone for far-right gains across Europe, including in the latest EU vote, which saw the continent tilt further to the right.

However, Meloni has moderated his image on the international stage, abandoning his previous anti-EU rhetoric and presenting himself as a bridge between the center-right current and his own previously shunned national conservative camp.

His strong performance on Sunday (9) contrasted sharply with the setbacks suffered by French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, whose parties were defeated.

“What we need is a Europe that listens to its citizens, that looks more to the center-right and has more pragmatic and less ideological policies,” said Meloni, adding that, given the results, Italy will necessarily play a fundamental role in the bloc. .

Source: CNN Brasil

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