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Italian pop stars collectively love sexy total black

When the seductive song of the sirens becomes even more noir: mysterious, intriguing, at times sinful, the new generation of pop stars Italians yield in chorus to sexy total black in a, we would dare say, massive change in image.

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Appointment at the Lirico theater in Milan on 25 and 26 November


It will be charm of the trend gothic lolita on the catwalk, it must be that the fetish for BDSM aesthetics has conquered (not only) i red carpet, or the more general rediscovery of one’s own body linked to the idea of ​​intimate security in ourselves. Here there is no doubt that among the queens of the stage “the splendor of black” philosophized by Alain Badiou has made a massacre of hearts in the name of sex appeal more refined.

After all, it is certainly no secret that music is not enough to focus on an artist, on the contrary. It has been literally (almost?) outclassed by the art of dressing, which nowadays in the grammar of image society turns out to be the most powerful formula for staying afloat. Supreme example of élan vital in this sense it has become the stage of the Sanremo Festival in Italy: not only a showcase for artists, but also (and above all) for stylists and brands, creating real meta-narratives night after night. And in this puzzle of performances identity, it almost seems that the singers of the “beautiful country” have united to implement a fashion-collective mutation. So here’s our team of power dark ladies in all their renewed fascinating seductiveness.

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Let’s start with the leader of the charts in 2023. Crystal clear voice, emerald eyes and charisma in spades, the singer Annalisa he made his debut by winning the critics’ award during the talent show Friends in 2011, and then collected a series of collaborations and successes until arriving at the very fresh album And then we ended up in the vortex. Already one hitsas well as a radical turning point in his image.

Official video of the single my love by Annalisa.

The fashion-shock caused by a total look Dolce&Gabbana arrives in the single’s video my love: crop blazer layered over a shirt and bodice, culottes, tie, and last but not least, a bob wig with bangs à la Uma Thurman. Cold and bold by the pool, as if straight out of a photograph by Helmut Newton. Followed by the super stylist Susanna Ausonibetween fishnet stockings, micro shorts and latex bustier, hers put they have officially shaped a killer dark lady enchantress who now has us in her grip.

Ipa photo.

Riccardo GIordano / ipa-agency.net

Ipa photo.

paolo barigelli image expert / ipa-agency.net


Idol of Gen Z and beyond, Elodie is one of the most popular faces in the Italian music (and fashion) scene. She is known for her scratchy tone, as well as for her breathtaking beauty. If she has long been crowned queen of style, this year her glam-attitude it is tinged with black. Boss signature they are the iconic ones jumpsuit halfway between catwoman and Cher, who take turns pairing minidress and cuissardes.

Elodie at the Sanremo Festival 2023.

Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images

Elodie at the second live show of X Factor 2023.

Stefania D’Alessandro/Getty Images

Among the most emblematic looks we find the Valentino haute couture look modeled by the stylist Lorenzo Posocco for Sanremo 2023: jumpsuit with transparencies, a spectacular coat and vertiginous heels. And it’s immediately our Venus in fur version dark pop. But also a handful of days ago as a guest at the second live show of X Factor she was no exception, showing off a black branded tracksuit Area embellished with details cut out and metallic applications in the shape of arranged claws all over. Simply a real red light cat.

Ipa photo.

Vincenzo Landi / ipa-agency.net

Ipa photo.

Co Te / ipa-agency.net


Who over the years has revealed herself not only as a multifaceted character between music, television and writing, but also a chameleonic figure to say the least is Arisa. From the victories on the Ariston stage, through to the management and participation in TV shows, her aura of naive sweetness has never abandoned her, but over time she has added that pinch of exquisite mischief. Once placed in the wardrobe, full skirts and tuxedos over and collegiate dresses, outfits with sinuous lines are gradually revealed in a cocktail of transparencies, lace, latex and exposed lingerie. All of this obviously total black.

Arisa at Sanremo 2023.

Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images

As in the case of put worn this year on the Ariston stage: a long leather dress with an angular cut by Rick Owens, complete with mesh effect gloves from Maleficient fetish avant-garde. Or the very recent one look in mood Monica Bellucci for the return home Carlucci in Dancing with the Stars.

Rome, Rai auditorium of the Foro Italico, TV broadcast “Dancing with the Stars”. In the photo: ArisaMarco Provvisionato / ipa-agency.net

Francesca Michielin

As a bon-ton and mary-jane lady, singer Francesca Michielin has also been showing off her side lately sexyglam-dark. Among the Italian characters most loved by the general public, after his debut in X Factor 2011 hits super stages, such as Eurovision in 2016, red carpets and is full of stellar collaborations, to return as a presenter on the screens of talent show which opened the doors of success to her. Ours comes from this very location reference catalyst of his glittering dark side. We are talking about the black mesh mini dress studded with crystals by Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini complete with a gothic touch choker and velvet platform heels to complete it all. An outfit that winks at ensemble of the legendary Liza Minelli in Cabaretgiving us its sexy shade of black poised between light and mystery.

Francesca Michielin at X Factor 2023.

Stefania D’Alessandro/Getty Images


Moving on to the atmospheres contaminated by soul and rhythm & blues in our ranks dark ladies the Janis Joplin of Italian pop is not missing. We are talking about Noemi with the sandblasted tone and fiery hair, which she has slowly abandoned since her debut in 2009. baggy jeans, oversized blazers and bohemian prints veering increasingly towards the seductive universe of clothes longuette in the intense nuance of pitch.

Noemi at Sanremo 2022

Mondadori Portfolio/Getty Images

Noemi at the David di Donatello 2023.

Daniele Venturelli

Green light trailing, silhouettes body-hugging, transparencies, bodices and deep necklines à la Rita Hayworth, transforming into a contemporary Guild. In her renewed repertoire we find, for example, the intriguing dress by Alberta Ferretti (homage to Anna Oxa) for Sanremo 2022 or the finely studded bodice of the Del Core look shown on the red carpet for the David di Donatello last May. In short, a gem total black sexy allure like a diva of times gone by.

Emma Brown

A bit’ dark– she’s always been a rockettara and now she’s taking things up a notch sexyness. From the podium of Friends in 2010 Emma Marrone became synonymous with contagious determination, practically an unstoppable fury that throughout her career has burned one stage after another.

Emma Marrone at the GCDS autumn-winter 2023/24 fashion show.

Stefania D’Alessandro

For her the total black it is nothing new, proclaiming itself right from the start addicted to a wardrobe close to the tastes of the Slits: leather biker jackets, tight leggings, platform amphibians, studded belts, miniskirts, fishnet stockings and so on. Without ever betraying the effect rebel rebel, over time, everything has undergone a process of irresistible glamorization expressed in risqué transparencies, elegant blazers toned down by vinyl skirts and vertiginous heels, for a pure Dominatrix effect.

In Sanremo 2022. Ipa photo.

Maurizio D’avanzo / ipa-agency.net

Ipa photo.

Mirko Fava/TSCK/LiveMedia / ipa-agency.net


Flirting with the magnetism of darkness we then find Levante, who from the catchphrase of Alfonso way back in 2013 it took flight and never landed again. Definitely an eclectic artist in life as in style, the singer has become an expert in the most extravagant combinations, in a riot of feathers, fringes and rhinestones.

Levante at Sanremo 2023.

Mondadori Portfolio/Getty Images

Levante at the 2023 Venice Film Festival.

Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Getty Images

In addition to wearing the sensual DNA of N.21 for the last stages of his tour, this year he also abandons his ensemble battered to throw yourself on bold total black by Etro, under the guidance of stylist Lorenzo Oddo. A mélange of transparencies, crystals, leather, punctually no pants, with an almost alien result. Also striking is the vintage Versace dress in lace and sequins in shades of, It goes without sayingmetallic black, worn on the occasion of the 2023 Venice Film Festival. Like this darkand so glamthat the fabulous witches of Eastwick would welcome her with open arms among them.

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