Italian Press: ‘Athens a tempting choice for Europe’s youth’

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“Athens is a tempting choice for young people in Europe,” reads an article on the Italian website Proiezioni di Borsa, which specializes in economic and tourism news.

The article emphasizes that even with a relatively low amount, in Athens, one can live well, with all the comforts of a European capital.

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Proiezioni di Borsa refers to Greece and Portugal, “which host dozens of multinational companies”. As he explains, these are often companies that specialize in customer service or internet broadcasting platforms.

It is emphasized that Athens hosts many companies of this kind, in which a large number of Italians work. “The pay is tempting and with a little bit of adaptability and knowledge of English, this option can definitely prove to be positive,” the financial news site writes.

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“Athens is an international, modern city, with all kinds of amenities. The cost of living in Greece is lower than in Italy. One can find a house, with 300 euros, and eat something in the restaurant with 12 euros, “while with about 50 Euros it is possible to buy a card for travel by public transport”, the article emphasizes.

“Whoever chooses Athens will live better than in the biggest Italian cities, having more favorable weather conditions”, writes, finally, the Proiezioni di Borsa.

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

Source: Capital

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