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Italians increase penalties for anyone who drives with a mobile phone, exceeds the speed limit and is under the influence

According to what was decided by the cabinet and following a proposal by the Minister of Transport Matteo Salvini, in Italy are going to increase fines and the sanctions for anyone who drives with a mobile phone in hand, or does not respect speed limits. For the new measures to take effect, however, they must first be approved by Rome’s senate and parliament.

More specifically, the Meloni government requests, whoever drives using a mobile phone, to pay – the first time – a fine from 422 to 1,697 euros, with temporary seizure of the driver’s license for a period of fifteen days to two months.

In the event of a new violation of the law, always due to the use of a mobile phone, the measure will have to be approved by parliament, provides for an increase in the fine, which will range from 644 to 2,588 euros, with confiscation of the driver’s license for a period of one to three months.

The Meloni government’s package of measures, at the same time, provides for the confiscation of the driver’s license for up to three years for anyone who drives while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

Also, in the event that a driver commits a very serious offense, such as not stopping and offering immediate assistance, in the event that he causes a traffic accident with injuries, the government of Rome asks the parliament and the senate of the country to vote on a measure that will provide for the revocation of driver’s license, for life.

Source: News Beast

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