Italy: At Draghi’s table the ‘two-speed vaccinated pass’.

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“As it turned out last night, the new strategy adopted by the government of Rome has so far managed to curb the protests of the vaccinators,” the country’s press writes today.

In Rome alone, participation in yesterday’s anti-vaccination mobilization was massive, with 4,000 people. The protest, however, was sedentary, away from busy streets. At the same time, the media emphasize that there were no incidents with the police.

In Milan, however, protesters tried to enter Duomo square, but were stopped by police. Both in the Italian capital and in other major Italian cities, yesterday’s mobilizations were clearly more limited than in previous weeks. No participation of neo-fascist elements was recorded, which for a number of months had caused most of the conflicts.

It is recalled that under the new measures of the Italian Ministry of Interior, until the end of the year demonstrations in central areas of cities are prohibited, while marches or protests near ministries, party headquarters, unions, and in parliament and the senate are not allowed.

At the same time, at Mario Draghi’s table are measures to be approved to contain the pandemic as much as possible.

Decisions are expected to be taken tomorrow or the day after, at a cabinet meeting. They will be about reducing the power of the “vaccinated green pass” from one year to nine months, but also another important change: as the APE-MPE announced last week, the government of the Italian technocratic prime minister is preparing to approve the so-called “green two-speed pass “. With full force for those who have been vaccinated, but with a strict restriction, now, for those who have not been vaccinated who undergo continuous diagnostic tests. With a “limited pass”, it is very likely that they will only be able to go to their office.

At the same time, according to Rai Public Television, the power of rapid diagnostic tests is expected to be limited to 24 hours, and that of molecular tests, to 48 hours. Finally, if all this strategy does not work, then the Italian government is likely to take another step, imposing mandatory coronavirus vaccination on many categories of workers.

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ


Source From: Capital

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