Italy: Episodes in Rome during the protests against the Green Certificate

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Clashes and incidents with the police broke out in Rome but also in Milan, as 10,000 people protested against vaccines but mainly against the Green Vaccination Certificate, which has been mandatory by law in the workplace since October 15. Even the Via Veneto has been turned into a battlefield. Members of the neo-fascist Forza Nuova party also took part with the slogan “tonight we will conquer Rome”.

With drums, smoke and slogans, part of the protesters in Rome also headed to the headquarters of the Italian television Rai. Police officers took their helmets to relieve intensity but also as an indication of solidarity towards protesters.

A rally was also organized in Milan, without any episodes having broken out at the moment. Dozens of people also demonstrated in Trieste.

This is the twelfth demonstration against the Green Certificate, as the government of Mario Draghi becomes the first in Europe to implement the measure as mandatory.

From October 15, when the vaccination certificate (green pass) becomes mandatory for all public and private sector employees.

Employees face fines of up to 1,500 euros for non-compliance, while employers who do not control their employees face fines of up to 1,000 euros.

The wider use of the Green Pass has sparked fierce political confrontation with right-wing parties, including Matteo Salvini’s League, a party that supports the Draghi government.

The approval of the measure for the necessary demonstration of a vaccination certificate, a previous Covid infection or a recent negative test before entering the workplace marks a victory for Draghi, who warned that he is considering compulsory vaccination if the vaccination movement “swallows”.

Next Friday, October 15, at Italy The “vaccinated green pass” will enter into force, which will be mandatory for access to indoor areas, such as theaters, cinemas, gyms, but also to all workplaces.

Meanwhile, 80% of Italians over the age of 12 have completed their coronavirus vaccination cycle.

Third dose of the vaccine to vulnerable groups and to all Italian citizens over the age of 60

The third dose of the vaccine coronavirus will be granted to all vulnerable groups, as well as to all residents of the country, over 60 years, as stipulated by a decision of the Italian Ministry of Health.

At least six months must have passed since the second dose was given. The Italian vaccination centers will remain open throughout the period of the third, “booster” dose. Meanwhile, 79.9% of the country’s population over the age of 12 has completed its vaccination cycle.

The new data, no, of Italian Higher Institute of Health, show that in the last month the hospitalization rate of patients with coronavirus over 80 years – who had not been vaccinated – is eight times higher than that of people of the same age who have completed their vaccination cycle.

At the same time, the deaths of unvaccinated elderly people of the same age category were thirteen times higher.

In terms of the total population, fully vaccinated were 78% less at risk become infected with covid 19, 93% less likely to be hospitalized and 95% less likely to be transported to intensive care units and lose their lives.

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