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Italy: Government bill calls for tougher measures and penalties for violence against women

With a bill discussed in recent hours by the cabinet, the government Dragi in Italy Calls for stricter measures and penalties for those responsible for sexual and psychological violence against women.

This bill is the result of the joint effort of seven women government ministers Dragi.

More specifically, the approval of restrictive measures is requested immediately after the filing of a lawsuit, when there are indications that those responsible for harassment and abuse may commit the specific offenses again.

In case the prosecutor considers that the victim is in real danger, he will be able to decide the temporary detention of the accused for physical and psychological violence. The goal of the Italian government, as stressed in a press conference, is “the dynamic protection of women so that they can continue their daily lives.”

The measures taken by the government Dragi requests for approval by the parliament also provide for the wider use of the “electronic bracelet”, in case the perpetrator requests that the detention sentence be changed to a semi-liberty regime.

The minister responsible for Lower Italy, Mara KarfaniaFinally, he explained that “it is proposed to speed up the whole process for the financial support of children who are orphaned after the murders” and the payment of the relevant amount “to be done immediately, as soon as the preliminary investigations are completed”.

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