Italy: ‘I post you too’ – Women post sexist and hateful messages they receive

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The “I publish you too” initiative for the post abusive and sexist comments on the internet started on Wednesday (23/11) at Italy. It is an idea of ​​the former president of the Italian Parliament, Laura Boldrini, which was supported by many other women, famous and not.

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From now on, they will post the messages they receive from men, mainly, who insult them on social mediawith sexist or even abusive comments.

Among others, this new movement is supported by singers such as Emma Marone, Nina Gili, Ariza, as well as the former Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Maria Elena Boski.

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In that way, everyone will be able to see the messages and names of so-called “haters”, people who use the internet to spread messages of hate and violence.

“These are words that on the face of it may not bruise, but actually hurt and do irreparable damage,” Boldrini said.

The Italian media, at the same time, underline that the digital violence it isolates women and in some cases drives them into deep despair.

Ex-partners who do not accept that a separation has taken place and want to take revenge on the women, sometimes by posting personal photos, are also responsible.

Source: News Beast

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