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Italy is looking for energy from Africa

Italy is looking for energy from Africa

An Italian delegation travels to Angola and Congo to explore opportunities for cooperation in the field of gas. The goal is the independence of Italy from Russia.

Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio and Environmental Transformation Minister Roberto Chingolani are visiting Angola today and Congo tomorrow to boost gas supplies.

Mario Draghi did not travel with them because he was positive for the coronavirus. However, he is asymptomatic and will watch the teleconferences in the two African countries. He also had a telephone conversation with Congolese President Dennis Sassou Ngeso on energy co-operation between the two countries.

New collaborations of Italy with African countries

From Congo and Angola, Italy wants to secure about 6.5 billion cubic meters of gas by 2023 with specific agreements. According to the financial newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, within a year Italy aims to replace 50% of the gas coming from Moscow in new partnerships with Algeria, Congo, Angola, Mozambique, Egypt and Qatar. .

It is clear that the price of African gas will be higher than that of Russian but the Italian government, as stressed, does not mention in detail for reasons of national security. Of course, it will take at least two years for the energy relationship with the Russian Federation to become a thing of the past.

Rules for … air conditioners

It also needs to be determined whether Italy will finally sign a new agreement with Egypt to supply three billion cubic meters of gas a year. The Center-Left and the Left are opposed and complain: Cairo has not cooperated in locating the killers of Italian university researcher Julio Regeni. He had dealt with the Copts and their rights and was assassinated in Egypt six years ago.

As for the internal energy reality from May 1 to save money and stocks, in Italian public buildings the air conditioners should not be regulated at a temperature below 25 degrees. According to many commentators, however, there will be many “unruly” officials who will try to disregard this measure.

Theodoros Andreadis Siggelakis, Rome

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