Italy: Mount Etna “rose” by 30 meters after the eruptions of the last 6 months

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Its southeastern crater Etna has increased by 30 meters after six months of activity, said the Italian Volcano Monitoring Service, making Europe the tallest active volcano taller than ever.

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According to the Guardian, the youngest and Etna’s most active crater has reached a record high of 3,357 meters above sea level, said the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV), based in Catania, Sicily.

“Thanks to the analysis and processing of satellite imagery, the crater southeast is now much higher than its ‘big brother’, the north-eastern crater, which for 40 years was the undisputed peak of Mount Etna,” INGV said in a press release.

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About 50 explosions since mid-February have led to an “obvious metamorphosis of the volcano”.

The volcano rose 30 meters as Mount Etna reached a record 3,350 meters in 1981, but a partial collapse of the crater reduced it to 3,326 meters in 2018.

The crater emits smoke and ashes from February, while it is not a small danger for the surrounding villages.

The Sicilian government estimated in July that 300,000 tonnes of ash had been cleared so far.

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