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Italy prepares for first major heatwave of the year

Italy is preparing for the first major heat wave this Friday (7) fueled by the arrival of the first African anticyclone ‘Scipione’.

The capital’s thermometers reached around 32 degrees Celsius, with Scipione’s hot wind from North Africa making things worse for residents and tourists.

According to meteorological forecasts, the African heat wave is expected to reach its peak in the central and northern regions on Saturday (8), while in the southern regions temperatures will reach 33 degrees in the Po Valley, 32-34 degrees in the central and 38 degrees in Sardinia, with widespread values ​​of 35-36 degrees in Sicily.

May 2024 was the hottest month on record globally since the mid-19th century, according to the European meteorological service Copernicus, representing the twelfth consecutive month with record temperatures.

Source: CNN Brasil

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