Italy: Salona in Modena with Santa Claus wearing leggings and dancing like a ballerina

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A statue – his toy Santa Claus set up in the main square in Modena of Italy provoked the wrath of the Italian right-wing parties, who claim that it will destroy them Christmas of the children of the city. This is because he wears red leggings, that is, Christmas garlands and lights, he dances like a ballerina and holds a red heart in his hands.

The statue, which turns when a coin is placed in a slot next to it, was found in the center of the battle. “This shameful project destroys a reality we have all experienced, including our children and grandchildren,” he said. Enrico Amy its local leader Come on Italy, of his party Silvio Berlusconi. He went on to say that the project is not the Santa Claus but a representation of a man who is half male half female “and far from representing Christmas”.

The reactions did not stop there. THE Ferdinando Pulitano, local leader of the hard right party, FdI, blamed the municipality for choosing the project. The Mayor Gian Carlo Mozzarelli is center-left. “Given its hatred for our traditions, it now appears that the Left has finally found its symbol for Christmas – a Santa Claus in leggings,” he said. Πουλιτανό.

THE Maria Carafoli, a municipal official, said that the children are really having fun with him Santa Claus dancing in Piazza XX Settembre and that there are generally no reactions from their parents either. In the meantime, the creator Lorenzo Lunati, said he was inspired for the project by his daughter and the central idea is one Santa Claus dancing to lift the weight that the local community of Modena has been carrying in recent months due to the problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic. “He is a Santa Claus who respects all people,” he said.

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