Italy: Salvini trial for deprivation of liberty for 147 immigrants begins

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The trial against the secretary of the League started today in Palermo, Sicily Mateo Salvini, with the charge of deprivation of liberty to 147 immigrants and refugees, who were aboard, in August 2019, on a ship of the NGO Open Arms.

Salvini, who was then interior minister, had not given the necessary permission for the ship to dock for a number of days.

A total of twenty-six witnesses will be examined at the trial, while Salvini himself is expected to sit on the bench. “This is not my responsibility, but the collective responsibility of the then Conte government,” said the head of the League. The next trial is set for December 17.

“Saving lives is not a crime, but an obligation not only of every governor, but of all states. “Finding a safe haven is a humanitarian act,” said Oscar Camps, founder and director of the non-governmental organization Open Arms.

406 migrants landed in Potsalo

Meanwhile, 406 migrants and refugees landed in Pozzalo, Sicily today. Among them are 152 minors. There was also an 8-day-old baby on board, who was born on board.

In the previous days, two pregnant women had already been rushed to Sicilian hospitals to give birth.

Most arrivals come from sub-Saharan Africa, Libya and Syria. The minors will be accommodated in protected areas, while the adults will be transported on special ships, for quarantine, with the application of preventive measures, due to coronavirus.

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