Italy: The 16-year-old daughter of a Spanish diplomat reported gang rape

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A daughter allegedly fell victim to gang rape Spanish diplomat at a New Year ‘s party with drugs in Rome. The case was brought to light by the newspaper «The Republic».

Public opinion in Italy, she is shocked, as she is faced daily with new revelations about the New Year party, where alcohol was flowing abundantly and drugs were being used in her villa Rome, which resulted in the gang rape of a 16-year-old daughter Spanish diplomat, as she complained, by five of her boys Roma Bene, of the high society of the Italian capital.

As mentioned in the report of the television station ANT1, according to her complaint, the unfortunate 16-year-old was found at some point surrounded by her five rapists in a room of the villa. Under the influence of drugs, which were inadvertently given to her, she was unable to resist the five boys, who raped her for three consecutive hours. The minor girl found the courage to report the rape and the police investigation began.

Among the participants in the party was the son of a leader Italian politician and the daughter of a famous TV personality. Three of the rapists and 15 minors were remanded in custody for drug supply.

The Chronicle – The Revelation of “La Repubblica”

The party-trap
We are in the middle of a second wave of the pandemic Covid and in Italy there was a traffic ban after 10pm. But in the area Primavalle of Rome, in a villa, a party is organized. The participants, groups of mostly minors or just adults Rome well, of the “high society” of the city and coming largely from the affluent area Parioli of Northern Suburbs of Eternal City, and from peripheral areas.

According to the details revealed by Italian newspaper, a girl becomes the “link” between the two areas, and even sets the conditions for participation in the party such as: that only two boys come and the other members of the company are girls.

So begins a trap party in which the few boys who were already at home began to flirt intensively and persistently with all the girls. All this at a party full of alcohol and drugs. In fact the The Republic mentions characteristics: cocaine, marijuana, Xanax, Rivotril, psychotropic drugs, but also tubes of preparation for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

In this chaotic context, a 16-year-old girl, daughter Spaniard diplomat, at one point is in one of the rooms of the villa surrounded by five boys, with her company has already left. Probably under the influence of drugs (which she said might have been given to her unintentionally) she is unable to resist the five boys, who raped her for about 3 consecutive hours.

When she wakes up, she is naked in bed, with injuries and blood, and with a sweatshirt on her that was not even hers. When she starts to put her thoughts in order, at the same time her friends talk about one of the boys who was proud of the audience by showing a bloody sweatshirt. The unfortunate girl on January 2 reported the incident, and so began Police investigation.

Drugs and relatives of celebrities

A shocking aspect of the case is the young people’s familiarity with drugs and their supply. Always according to The Republic, a close relative of a former prime minister was present at the party, along with his 17-year-old girlfriend, the daughter of a well-known TV personality. From the conversations it seems that the relative of the (so far) unclear politician is among those who brought the cocaine, while a 14-year-old brought the Rivotril. It should be noted that in chat conversations, which are in the hands of the Police, there is often talk about quantities of cocaine and their cost.

The omertà of the rapists’s parents

Following a lawsuit, police launched an investigation into the incident and revealed horrific aspects and details. First, the company of the unfortunate Spaniard took and uploaded videos on social media about the “before and after” party: before there were 5 girls, then there were only 3, saying “we lost some along the way”.

Also shocking are the conversations recorded between the young perpetrators and their parents, which show an attempt to cover up the incident by the parents themselves. In fact, the parents of the young rapists, who live mainly in their peripheral areas Primavalle, Wednesday and Torrevecchia, instead of rushing to Police to report the incident, they seem to have addressed a local boss of the underworld, tade “Master Angelo”.

13 months to take pre-trial detention

THE Police The investigation was already completed in April 2021. A few days ago, and so far, pre-trial detention measures were decided for three rapists (two of whom were 19 and almost 22 years old) as well as against 15 minors for drug supply.

It should be noted that the representative of the victim’s family thanked her Police although he described as “shameful” the fact that pre-trial detention measures were taken 13 months after the horrific incident, let alone that they themselves had learned about the developments from the Media.

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